It’s well known that we’re in the digital age. We live online, read our news online, we shop and make friendships online. We use the internet to discover the world, to get ideas how to decorate the spaces in which we live and work, to uncover what and who inspires us, and how they do so. We learn how the world is changing, who is making it a better place, and how we can contribute.
“The indisputable advantage of the internet is plain to see;” it offers us all of the above easily, quickly, and directly.
But… what’s the catch?
The internet is not a magazine!
The internet lacks something personal… it never feels like it’s “yours”.
It seems to slip away, disappearing into the ether… You often can’t remember what you’ve read or where you read it… It’s easy to get lost endlessly browsing. How? Why?
Magazines have always had a certain “magic”. The weight of an issue in your hands, the content that draws you in, the wonder of what the next page holds, and the way it entices you with its stories and pictures until you are completely and utterly absorbed.
The “magic” that magazines bestow is a deeply personal affair, yet they connect you to a wider reality. The unique feeling when leafing through a magazine, each page imploring you to discover what lays ahead is impossible to resist. Magazines are complete in their performance with a beginning, middle and end. Like fairy tales, the title stays the same but every time the journey is new.
“Publishing.gr was created by a team of inspired individuals from both the digital and print worlds”. Who love, respect, and honour both mediums.
We dreamed of a way to make these worlds coexist. Working towards the same destination, yet with a different beginning and taking their own unique route.
“Publishing.gr dreams of making its user a true reader”. Teaching them how to leaf through a magazine digitally. In the most direct and familiar way, yet a genuinely different “publication”!
It drifts off the usual well-worn paths, and makes its own. It discovers topics that need uncovering. “It discusses everything from a distinctly Hellenic point of view, as it was born in Greece”. It fearlessly wants it’s articles to be contrasted and compared to the greatest the international community can offer, because it feels the power that emanates from the Greek DNA in its content.
However Publishing.gr is positioned, whether a magazine or a website, and however it’s visitors, users, or readership acknowledge it, it indubitably offers “pages” that are worth reading, and articles worth publishing.


Publishing.gr’s vision is straightforward yet highly ambitious. It’s a vision of the Future, through a medium which inspires, delights, and excites you. Its focus firmly trained on publishing articles that deserve to be published. Making its audience conscientious readers rather than passive content consumers.


Publishing.gr’s mission is to become its readership’s point of reference & port of call for uncovering gems that deserve to be read. To support them as they learn, live, make choices, get inspired, balance their lives, create, evolve, succeed, appreciate, and position themselves in the world.